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Our Story

Few things signal the coming of Spring and Summer as vividly as flowers. And one only needs to look at the floral inspirations that permeate fashion to see this is true. Having been in the shoe industry for over 16 years, I have seen countless styles try to mimic natural flowers and preserve that spring and summer feeling; however results are either flower print or artificial flowers made of fabric or plastic – pale imitations of the real thing.

This made me wonder: “Can we have something original and authentic that can preserve the beauty of nature? What if we incorporate real flowers picked at their peak into the shoes?” Inspired by art, haute couture and modern glamorous fashion belles like Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon, and Julia Roberts, as well as the fantasy of fairytales like Cinderella—we were excited to integrate all these elements into the design of our shoes.

That is how our long journey to develop our floral shoes began! We asked ourselves: Can we design an affordable, stylish and comfortable shoe with currently available materials? It took us lots of experimentation to finally settle on the best methods to incorporate pressed flowers into the upper and the most appropriate materials such as the non-woven fabric backing, the clearest and thinnest vinyl, and soft leather. Many hours are spent on arranging flowers meticulously for just one pair of shoes. When we got our first sample, we were all wowed by what we had achieved and the solution we had found!

Style with artsy personality was born. Our next question was: Can we make them feel comfortable for on-the-go women? The experience of wearing shoes that left my feet blistered and red made me think: “I have chicly designed shoes that make me look fabulous but I can’t walk in them for even half an hour. How can we fuse fresh fabulousness with sheer comfort?”

We strived to discover various sources and finally love the comfort created by the wing arch support and superior materials such as Poron® memory foam.

Original design and maximum comfort are fused into our floral shoes. Though it takes factory artisans hours to make only one pair of the floral shoes, we know it is worth it because shoe lovers appreciate these artisan pieces and the one-of-a-kind looks Lady O brings to the marketplace. We are confident you will treasure a pair of shoes that reflect your own individual personality without sacrificing comfort.

We at Lady O are thrilled to present our original, limited-edition and even custom-made shoes which incorporate nature’s floral treasures. Lady O Shoes are made to fit your personal love of hues, styles and flower types! Spring has arrived. We hope you love our shoes as much as we do!

See our signature collection at www.shopladyo.com and connect with us at www.facebook.com/ladyoshoes.

About the Company

Inspired by love of contemporary design, art, music, culture and travel, Lady O designs shoes with fantasy and designs irresistible and captivating women’s lifestyle footwear, combining design with sensuality to reach the ultimate elegance.

Lady O with long-standing image of quality, innovation and style, gives Lady O a brand platform that speaks to a new generation with the energy, spirit and optimism of American life, style and design.

Lady O is designed to be “chic, fun, fabulous and trendy” and is produced with high quality components, finishes and unique details. The collection/signature features a broad range of styles, from sexy stilettos and platform to stylish flats and wedges.